With twenty two years of experience, Peyab Novin engineers have designed numerous shrimp hatcheries, farms and fish farms

Peyab Novin Consulting Engineers

With twenty two years of experience, Peyab Novin engineers have designed numerous shrimp hatcheries, farms and fish farms. In the 1989s, the company was called Pars Peyab.  After a restructuring in 1999, it became Peyab Novin Consulting Engineers.

The management organization of Iran has qualified Peyab Novin to participate in three different fields in the country


- Drainage & Irrigation Network and Water Resource Development

- Aquaculture Engineering & Animal science

 Ports & Offshore Engineering -

- Surveying

Our company is now working towards a geo-technical qualification as well.

The following pages show a collection of the designs currently under study, or in use by company managers in these provinces: Boushehr, Hormozgan, Khoozestan, Ardebil,  Hamedan, Kordestan, Ilam, West Azarbaijan, Esfahan, Fars, Golestan, Tehran and Mazandaran  .


-Design of shrimp farming sites
-Design of cold water fish culture site
-Design of warm water fish culture sites
-Design of drainage and irrigation nets & water resource development
-Practical and field surveying
-Design of earth-fill dam
-Geology & geo-technical studies
-Water resource studies
-Economic evaluation studies
-Tidal studies and long-term analysis
-Environmental studies
-Project design and analysis using GIS  


Ardebil Province

- Fathali   Warm-water fish farming complex

- Aras   Warm-water fish farming complex

West Azarbaijan Province
- Kesyan   Cold-water fish farming complex (Designed)
- Kenikor   Cold-water fish farming complex (Designed)
- Cheshmeh Sorayya   Cold-water fish farming complex (studied)
- Ghasem Rash   Cold-water fish farming complex (studied)

(Chame Vazineh  Cold-water fish farming complex (Under Construction -

 Golestan  Province:
- Gorganrood - Migratory fish restocking
- Natural and semi-natural pond studies
- Zav   Cold water studies
 Ilam Province:
- Abdanan   Warm-water fish farming complex (under study)
                         Province:  Bushehr

- Delvar   Shrimp farming complex

-Boyerat   Shrimp farming complex

-North Mond   Shrimp farming complex

-Pars Abzistan   Shrimp farming research center

-Meygoo Doostan   Shrimp farming   complex

-North Toseye Mond   Shrimp farming complex  (under construction)

-South Rood-e-Shore   Shrimp farming complex

-South Mazin   Shrimp farming complex (under construction)

-Bardestan - Dayyer   Shrimp farming complex  (under construction)

-Toseye Helleh   Shrimp farming complex (under study)

-Delvar 3   Shrimp farming complex     (under construction)

-Shif   Shrimp farming complex (under construction)

-Lailatin   Shrimp farming complex     (under study)

-Shah Abdollah   Shrimp farming complex (in use)

-Drood Ahmad   Shrimp farming complex  (under study)

-Geshoiy   Shrimp farming complex, first and second phase studies

-Finding sites in Bushehr with potential for shrimp farming (with GIS)

-Finding sites in Bushehr with potential for artemia farming (with GIS)

-Finding potential sites for fresh water aquaculture

-Shrimp hatchery design (Pars Abzistan- Astan Ghods Razavi,  Mobarak Industrial Group, and others)

- Bushehr   Water resources studies (with GIS)

   Khoozestan Province:

Hendijan   Shrimp farming complex 3,000 hectares  (under study)

- Astan Ghods Razavi   Shrimp farming complex 1,000 hectares  (under study)


  Kordestan Province :

-Ghom Choghay   Management of cold-water fish farming complex (in use)

-Palangan    Management of cold-water fish farming complex (under construction)

Hormozgan Province:

-Mogham   Shrimp farming complex     (under construction)

-Hasineh   Shrimp farming complex     (under study)

-Jallaby   Shrimp farming complex     (under study)

-Gachin   Shrimp farming complex     (under study)

-Chiroeyeh   Shrimp farming complex     (under study)

-Hendooraby   Cage fish culture

Sistan Baloochestan Province:

-Gar Bandar   Shrimp farming (500 hectares)

- ERAS - Education Recirculation Aqua logy System (Zabol University)

Hamedan Province:

-Kangavar Kohneh   Cold-water fish farming complex (under study)

-Gian   Cold-water fish farming complex (under study)

-Gamasiab   Cold-water fish farming complex (in use)

-Zaramin-Nahavand   Dam studies (completed)

-Ghopagh Tappeh-Kaboodar Ahang Dam studies (in use)

-Rasoolabad Bahar   Dam studies (completed) 

Chaharmahal Bakhtiary Province:

- Soorak Dam surveying

Esfahan Province:

- Fereidoonshahr Cold-water studies (under study)

Tehran Province:

 -Taleghan semi-closed circuit cold -water fish farming

Shrimp post larvae hatchery:

Collaboration with A3 company is a new article for our company activities

The innovator, Mr. Fred Yap, has worked in Iran for 18 months under the authority of the FAO and the local industry.  With his ongoing help, about 40 Filipino experts have been coming to work in Iran since 2000 .They have been very successful so far.

Our company now produces post larvae from new broodstock and using  these broods again for hatching with eye stalk ablation in their recent four years of activities in Bushehr, Sistan Baloochestan, and Hormozgan.

Broodstock ponds:

By adapting to environmental conditions, the industry has developed very quickly and grown in importance in recent years.

Increasing the cultivation lands from 2.3 hectares at 1992 to 3410 hectars at 2003, represent the fast growth of this industry.  For  gain these aims provide require conditions (for example supply basic  istitution )is necessary .the first step is supplying post larvae requirement

So Pars Abzistan company decided to solve this problem. It built some ponds for brood culture.This company provided about 3.2 million pieces of these larvae in 2001 and increasing them to over 60 million pieces in 2002.  In 2003 most of the hatchery centers in Bushehr draw from these larvae.


- Toseye Helleh, Bushehr   Shrimp farm survey, 2,000 hectares 

-Gian, Hamedan   Cold-water fish farm survey

-Shif, Bushehr   Shrimp farm land survey, 8,000 hectares

-Gomishan   Shrimp farm land survey 1,500 hectares (Bushehr)

-Khoreabi  shrimp farming  land survey    -1,000 hectares (Bushehr)

- Cheshmeh sorayya cold water fish farming land survey (Azarbayjan)

- Ghasemrash cold water fish farming land survey (Azarbayjan)

-Roodeshoor shrimp farm land survey    -1,500 hectares (Bushehr)

-Bandare charak   shrimp farm land survey    -2,000 hectares (Hormozgan)

-Hasineh shrimp farm land survey    -10,000 hectares  (Hormozgan)

- Western Mazin   shrimp farm land survey    -1500 hectares (Bushehr)

-Hendijan shrimp farm land survey    -6000 hectares (Khoozestan)

- Gachin shrimp farm land survey    (Hormozgan)

Geo-technical studies:

- Shif  shrimp farming  complex  -8000 hectars

-Delvar shrimp farming  complex-1000 hectars 

-Western roodeshoor shrimp farming  complex - 1000 hectars

-Geshoiy  shrimp farming complex-1000 hectars

-Banak bardestan  shrimp farming   complex -1000 hectars

-Toseye Helleh  shrimp farming  complex  -1200 hectars

-Hassineh shrimp farming complex -4500 hectares

-Jallaby   shrimp farming complex -4700 hectares

-Abdanan warm water fish farming complex -1000 hectares

-Aras warm water fish farming complex -1000 hectares

-Mogham   Shrimp farming  complex -1300 hectares

-Gachin  shrimp farming  complex -7000 hectares

-Hendijan shrimp farming complex-6000 hectares

Under Council, management and exploit center on 2003:

Pars abzistan shrimp hatchery center(delvar-bushehr)

Zadavary mond meygoo shrimp hatchery center (bashi-bushehr)

Morvarid larve shrimp hatchery center (larve-bushehr)

Tala meygooye kangan shrimp hatchery center (kahri-bushehr)

Arghavan meygoo shrimp hatchery center (delvar)

Navid shil shrimp hatchery center (bonjo)

Abzibin shrimp hatchery center (genaveh)

Keneh bist razavi shrimp hatchery center(genaveh)


Peyab Novin managers:

        -Mohammad Gholizadeh


 Ph.D. Candidate in Environmental Modeling , 2006

M.S. in Hydraulic Stracture, from Tehran Polytechnic University, 1989

 B.S. in Civil Engineering from Isfahan University Of  Technology,1984

-Maroon Dam, Technical office supervisor (Behbahan)

-Shahid Abbaspour Dam, Head Technical Office

-Shikelk Dam and drainage network, project manager (Sistan Baluchestan)

-Sheikh Mahalleh Earth Dam, project manager (Gilan)

-Sarichloo Earth Dam, project manager (Hamedan)

-Khanjin Dam, project manager (Arak)

-Artificial Nutrition, project manager (Kashan)

-Kobar Dam height increase, project manager (Qom)

-Jayzan drainage & irrigation net, project supervisor (Ramhormoz)

-Koohrang 3 tunnel Operation Software, project Manager (Isfahan)


-Bahram Ghannadian

-Civil Engineering degree from San Diego State University, U.S., 1983

-Consulting engineer, research and development

-Delvar Shrimp Farm, project manager (Bushehr)

-Amery Shrimp Farm, project manager (Bushehr)

-Pars Abzistan Shrimp Hatchery, project manager

-Astan Ghods Razavi Shrimp Hatchery, project manager

-Mobarak Shrimp Hatchery, project manager

-Shif Complex supervisor (4,000 hectares)